Daemons of Tzeentch Blue Horrors / Brimstone Horrors of Tzeentch

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Blue Horrors are diminutive replicas of their parent Daemon, though their temperament is quite different. They are sullen and malicious, like evil-tempered children, and wear perpetual scowls as they sneer and grumble their way through a battle.

Once spawned, Blue Horrors swiftly rejoin their fellows, adding a deeper whining note to the incessant chortling of the group as they attempt to grapple with enemies and squeeze the life from them.

Just as a dying Pink Horror splits into two lesser incarnations, a slain Blue Horror will split once more into a pair of Brimstone Horrors. Named for a stench so strong it offends even other Daemons, these diminutive Warp creatures may look bright and whimsical, but they are in truth spiteful and vindictive. They realize that the glories of authority and prominence are forever beyond them.

What's in the box?

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble 10 pairs of Brimstone Horrors of Tzeentch. Tiny creatures of pure malice, they caper about on their bases just as you would expect those made of fire to do. Also included are the parts you need to make 10 Blue Horrors of Tzeentch. Eyes full of fury and large mouths full of teeth, some pose with their talons outstretched to hack at their foe, others wield magical flames that dance about their fingertips. Covered in decorations, jewelry and feathers, they also include flames for their bases.

This kit comprises 40 components, and is supplied with 20 Citadel 25mm Round bases.

Note: The name on the box of this product is Blue Horrors.  It is renamed Horrors of Tzeentch on the Games Workshop website.

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