MTG Commander Summit

It is a Gathering of the Commanders.  A Crucible of Battle.

Open to all players and running in-store at Accidentally Cool Games as a quarterly special event, Commander Summits are the pinnacle of pitched Commander format Magic: The Gathering play!

The next Commander Summit is on July 31, 2021
Start Time: Noon / End Time: 7:00 PM

"We want to attend!  What do we need to know before coming?"

Commander Summits are not tournaments, but are loosely structured day-long events featuring Commander format Magic: The Gathering play.  You may bring and play as many different Commander-legal decks in the event as you choose, may play as often or as little as you like, and even get to choose the general level of competitiveness you're looking to enjoy by sitting at tables with descriptor names like Honorable Combat (think no mass land destruction, no infinite combos, no prison, no looped extra turns), All Out War (everything legal is fair game), and event special formats like Archenemy and Planechase.


Each player begins the event with a Feats of Strength Objectives Sheet that they can have opponents mark as they accomplish objectives like destroying nonland permanents, defeating an opponent through Commander damage, having one of every permanent type—the list goes on!  Players will be able to complete all objectives regardless of what type of table they want to play at.


At the end of the event we take those objective sheets and weigh them according to their accomplishments.  These results are entered into a drawing for prizes, of which everyone will get at least something!

Event Entry Costs & Prizing

Cost of entry is $30/player into Commander Summit, which includes access to the event, pizza (around lunch hours) that is already included, and prize support which will extend to include every participant!

Prizes are distributed by "weighted random drawing" where players will have their names entered into a drawing multiple times based on the amount of objectives they accomplish throughout the event (think someone who completes 30 different pips getting 3 entries, someone who completes 20 getting 2 entries).

Players will only win 1 item each, but if their name is drawn successively then they will be moved up to the highest point in the picking order.  That's the benefit of having multiple names in the drawing!  Once the 2nd to last name is drawn this establishes the full picking order of prizes, and players will one-by-one select the prize that most appeals to them based on that order.

Prizes will include MTG Singles "Store Credit," MTG Sealed Product, card accessories (sleeves, deck boxes, carrying cases, playmats), as well as related hobbyist apparel like wall scrolls and (in the case of THIS Summit so close to Adventures in the Forgotten Realms) D&D books!


"Honorable Combat" Tables

When playing at an Honorable Combat table please refrain from the following strategies: mass land destruction, infinite combos, multiple extra turns, prison.  These are tables for players looking to have a more casual experience, which may include newer players, preconstructed decks, and thematic decks.  Highly tuned decks that avoid the above strategies should still consider whether they match the expected power level of the table before participating.

"All Out War" Tables

So long as you're following the Commander banlist and rules, it's playable at an All Out War table!  Expect players to bring more highly tuned decks to these games, and lookout for powerful game-ending strategies that could come out of nowhere.

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Our store uses the official Magic Companion app to handle event enrollment and round tracking.  We encourage you to set up your Wizards/Magic account in-store prior to joining your first event — we'll help!