Chaos Daemons Be'lakor the Dark Master (PREORDER)

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    Ancient beyond imagining, the Daemon Prince Be'lakor, also called the "Dark Master" and the "First-Damned," was the very first of his kind. Raised up from mortality by the combined will of the Chaos Gods as Chaos Undivided, he was given a portion of each of their power. Be'lakor's fate has ever been influenced by the endless struggle between the gods, as he is beholden to each of the Dark Gods equally.

    As befits the greatest of the Daemon Princes, Be'lakor is every bit the creature of nightmare he appears to be. Supernaturally skilled in both the martial and magical arts, his imposing figure is the perfect centrepiece for an army of Chaos and a potent wrecking ball with which to cast your enemies aside. Most impressive of all, this incredible model is 170mm tall from the bottom of his base to the tip of his wings.

    What's in the box?

    This multipart plastic kit is comprised of 85 components, with which you can assemble one Be'lakor, the Dark Master, and is supplied with 1x Citadel 100mm Round base. This kit contains multiple options to build Be'lakor themed for either a Warhammer Age of Sigmar Slaves to Darkness army, a Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Daemons army, or a neutral theme to suit both games.

    Instruction Manual Errors

    Please note the instruction manual mislabels some of the pieces, the correct Be’lakor construction booklet is available in the downloads tab on the Games Workshop site.

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