Die Hard Dice RPG Dice Set - Translucent Sunrise Gradient

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    The early orange glow of sunrise gives way to golden glory as the first morning rays peek over the horizon, bending upward to a high sky of blue. The light rolls forward, darkness flees.

    One of our most beautiful polymer sets, Translucent Sunrise Gradient D&D dice have the appearance of a rainbow. An excellent choice for a Bard, Cleric, Druid or even a Ranger, for Elves and any other of the good and optimistic forces in the world.

    Set includes:

    • 1d20 - "Roll a Constitution saving throw!"
    • 1d12 - "How much damage does your greataxe deal?"
    • 1d10% (10%-00%) - "Let's see what kind of magic is on this tiara..."
    • 1d10 - "I cut down the undead with my elvish greatsword."
    • 1d8 - "Wow, you roll an 8!  That means the goblin is charmed for 8 whole rounds!"
    • 1d6 - "... Sneak attack!"
    • 1d4 - "I cast Magic Missile on the darkness."

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    - $9.95

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