Final Fantasy Themed Face Mask - Moogle "Save Game?"

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    Having the right gear is paramount to a successful new save in your favorite JRPG—it can be dangerous out there in the untamed wilds!  Now you can sport and show of your favorite Final Fantasy character all while doing your part and protecting yourself and others.

    The Moogle "Save Game?"

    Moogles are intelligent and industrious, though in some games they are wary of human contact. Because of their size, many playable moogles specialize in gadgetry, tinkering, and engineering. Even in games where moogles do not mind humans, they often maintain separate societies.  They have their own language, of which, "Kupo? Kupo!" is among the most important of phrases.

    Design & Craftmanship

    These masks are made of a lycra/polyester face with a Final Fantasy themed print featuring some of your beloved characters and classes!

    Masks are stitched with white stitching and soft cotton backing that includes a slot where a plug-in filter could be included.  The masks have a tapered stitch that contours to the bridge of the nose and the chin.  The ear bands are made of a soft and comfortable elastic.

    Care & Maintenance

    We recommend washing your mask by hand using soap and water, and then allowing it to air dry.  Remove and replace plug-in filters as per their instructions.

    - $11.99

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