Graphic Novel Adventures Jr | Kittens & Dragons: The Choukra [Hardcover]

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In Kittens and Dragons young readers will assist Mo, the King's youngest kitten as he hunts for a dragon named Choukra and proves his bravery! Sneak through the woods, into dark caves, past the King’s guard while solving puzzles as you go in search of adventure and the Choukra along with Mo! Help Mo to overcome his fears as he learns the truth about the dreaded Choukra, proving to everyone just how brave he is.

Kittens and Dragons is a comic combined with a game, the first title in a new series subtitled “Your Choices. Your Adventure. Your Story. For Kids!” Young readers are encouraged to assist the characters in the stories as they explore, puzzle solve and interact with fantastic environments. There are talking points and suggested courses of assistance for the young readers helpers, along with clear tools to record items and take notes as needed throughout each of the books. The book is designed with both visual clues and comprehension puzzles to provide high replay value through many readings.

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