Kill Team Killzone: Mechanicus Refinery (PREORDER)

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    Three new Killzone expansion sets are on their way next weekend – for the sectors Munitorum, Fronteris, and Mechanicus. Each includes a double-sided game board and matching terrain. In addition to providing you with a different location to fight over, each set can be combined with any other to form a larger, multiplayer Kill Team battlefield, or even one suitable for Combat Patrol- and Incursion-sized Warhammer 40,000 conflicts.

    — Warhammer Community "Sunday Preview"

    Official product information will be available soon!

    What's in the box?

    • Mechanicus Refinery double-sided game board
    • Mechanicus-styled Alchmite Stacks, Ferratonic Incinerator, and Promethium Pipes
    • Mechanicus Refinery booklet/cards with special rules, features, and hazards of the killzone

    Preorder Information

    This product is available for preorder purchase and releases on March 06, 2021.  If you purchase this item locally, it will be available for pickup on the release date. 

    If your order requires shipping, this product will be shipped early but only so that it arrives on the release date and no earlier.  If your purchase includes shipping, all other items made on the same order will be held so that they ship together in a single shipment.

    - $85.00

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