Kill Team: Pariah Nexus (PREORDER)

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    Kill Team is back, with brand new miniatures, game boards, terrain, and a claustrophobic setting deep below the surface of Vertigus II.

    All models in Kill Team: Pariah Nexus are offered either entirely for the first time, or have no alternative release that is currently available.

    What's in the box?

    • x5 Primaris Heavy Intercessors
    • x1 Primaris Captain in Mark X Gravis Armour
    • x5 Necron Flayed Ones
    • x1 Necron Chronomancer
    • x1 Kill Zone: Pariah Nexus board (Crypt of Cynosure/Translocum Chamber)
    • Kill Zone: Pariah Nexus Necron terrain
    • 112 pg. Kill Team: Pariah Nexus book including core rules, additional content, and Close Confines special rules

    Preorder Information

    This product is available for preorder purchase and releases on March 06, 2021.  If you purchase this item locally, it will be available for pickup on the release date. 

    If your order requires shipping, this product will be shipped early but only so that it arrives on the release date and no earlier.  If your purchase includes shipping, all other items made on the same order will be held so that they ship together in a single shipment.

    - $136.00

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