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    Welcome to Strixhaven, the Multiverse's most prestigious university for the study of magic!  Founded centuries ago by five spellcasting dragons—Strixhaven is divided into five colleges that reflect their founder's magical specialty and distinctive personality.

    Here, you will learn more about the plane of Arcavios, discover even more wonders of the Mystical Archive inside the Biblioplex, and choose your courses of study as all five colleges recruit the next class of talented mages to explore everything there is to know about Magic.

    Explore all 5 Strixhaven colleges with the COMPLETE set

    • Silverquill Statement
    • Prismari Performance
    • Witherbloom Witchcraft
    • Lorehold Legacies
    • Quantum Quandrix

    What's in a Commander Deck?

    • Each Commander Deck comes ready-to-play with x100 Magic cards, including 1 foil Commander card.
    • Each deck comes with x10 double-sided tokens, x1 life tracker, and x1 deck box

    The Five Schools of Strixhaven

    • Silverquill (Black/White): Stylish wordsmiths who master the magic of words, from inspiring battle poetry to biting arcane insults.

    • Prismari (Red/Blue): Artsy elementalists wielding fire and ice with spells that are spectacles of raw creativity.

    • Witherbloom (Green/Black): Witchy biologists who brew herbal concoctions to control the essence of life and death.

    • Lorehold (Red/White): Adventurous historians who bring the spirits of the past to life and call forth magic from ancient tomes.

    • Quandrix (Blue/Green): Quirky math magicians who study patterns and fractals to command and multiply the forces of nature.

    Choose your college and join the duel between schools for some friendly (and a tiny bit deadly) magical competition.

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