Dice on Parade

It's done.  "It" in this case is a massive process of new item creation in our Point of Sale and the ACG website, mostly because I'm a sucker for pretty dice pictures and frankly there weren't great ones.  I just got done creating SO many new dice entries in our online webstore.

So I decided I'd become a dice photographer!  Sitting down with about 30+ sets of dice, I workshopped out how to get great up close photos, to balance out colors; I recently bought a light box and got to mess around with those features.  I learned that natural daylight is a powerful tool when working for good composition.

I learned that even after you try to turn your background "pure white" it isn't even close to pure what.  At best it's grey, but more often than not the shadows coming off your dice are yellow in color; so I learned how to scrub color out of the shadows and whiten along the edges of the photograph.

It was a labor of love, and it was ridiculous, AND I'd do it again if I had to.  In fact I even got better at the process as I went, so I'll be doubling back and fixing a few of the entries (looking at you Chessex 27826 Borealis Sky Blue/White Dice Block (36)!)

It was fun though, and we also added some great new board games.  Fossilis looks like a standout personal favorite if I'm judging a book by its cover, but I'm also excited to expand our Hogwart's Battle expansions for Harry Potter enthusiasts because HB is a legit good game (an uncommon feat for most games that lean on a big license/brand like Harry Potter). 

My favorite RESTOCK is definitely going to have to be Sagrada, but Compounded is also one I really like (mostly because I beat Tami & Bruce at it both times we played... maybe before we fully discovered all the rules.  I'm still counting it!)

Of final note is that we'll be sure to post our holiday hours on Facebook tomorrow.  Just so we can spoil the surprise, we'll be open on Christmas Eve until 5 PM, closed Christmas Day, and then open again on Saturday.  Tami and I still haven't finalized our approach to New Year's, but I do know that we'll be celebrating the start of 2021 with a 21 POINTS day!


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