Progress Report 7.2.21 - Wargaming Menus

Hey there ACG Crew!  We really appreciate all the patience and encouragement you've offered us as we launch the new version of, and wanted to show our work as more of the features and updates get implemented.

As of tonight, we've updated most of the Wargaming "Supermenu" so that now all Warhammer 40,000 products are showing, as well as GW's Specialist Games, as well as the Marvel and X-Wing skirmish/wargames we stock from Asmodee (though many products still need to be created in these categories).

Notably in need of lots of work is Age of Sigmar, which we need to build out similarly to how we've done Warhammer 40,000.  Because we need to create these entries as well as stock this product from the bottom up, these categories are likely to take some time; GW restocks are nearly a month behind right now!

Thank you again, and have a safe and wonderful July 4!

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