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These are board games that have a mode intended for play by a single player.  In most cases, the single player must defeat the game itself which takes automatic actions to thwart the player's progress or attempts to win the game or scenario.

Many Solo/Solitaire games also have a Cooperative mode meant for multiple players.  The game framework for these types of games is highly similar since both of them revolve around playing against the game or scenario.

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Gloomhaven [Base Game]

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$60.00 USD

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Forbidden Desert [Base Game]

$27.00 USD

Nemesis [Base Game]

$119.99 USD


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Terraforming Mars

$69.95 USD

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Forbidden Island

$19.99 USD

Chronicles of Avel [Base Game]

$32.00 USD


Calico [Board Game]

$33.99 USD


Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion

$49.99 USD

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Spirit Island [Board Game]

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$90.00 USD

Mansions of Madness: Second Edition

$109.99 USD

Creature Comforts [Board Game]

$41.65 USD


144 products