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Your Victory has been Foretold.

Welcome to Kaldheim; a frozen land of prophecy and legend.  The paths between realms have been opened, and war has broken out between gods, mortals, and monsters.  Distinguish yourself in combat and your story will be retold for generations.  May your saga live on!


• Each pack is loaded with rares, foils, special borders and alternate-art
• Collector packs are the most direct way to Kaldheim's coolest cards

Kaldheim's Hottest Cards

Collector Booster are the ultimate way to add special card styles and hard-to-find cards to your collection. Loaded with rares, foils, special card treatments, and more—if you're looking to collect the most molten cards in Kaldheim, look no further.

Plus, they're the only Kaldheim packs in the set with extended-art cards—you'll get at least one extended-art card in every Kaldheim Collector Booster, with the possibility of one more in foil.

Snow Lands, Sagas, and Modal Cards

Explore the icy expanse of Kaldheim with the return of snow lands and powerful snow mechanics. Get thirty-six snow lands—one in every Draft Booster Pack, each with a beautiful snow-dusted frame—and activate special abilities in snow cards throughout the set.

Saga cards also return to share gripping stories from across the Ten Realms. The frigid battlefields, brutal landscapes, and gnarly creatures of those tales fill the set.

Forge Your Legend

Battle through the brutal Viking world of Kaldheim in Magic’s most metal set ever. Draugr and demons, giants and shapeshifters—show your opponents what legends are made of with two powerful mechanics making their debut, Foretell and Boast. And unleash the power of Kaldheim’s icy expanse with the return of Snow Lands and Saga cards. Prove your worth to Magic’s new pantheon of Norse-inspired gods and save the World Tree from chaos.

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