Combat Patrol: Death Guard

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    The Death Guard are a Traitor Legion entirely steeped in the power of Nurgle, the god of death and plagues, their very essence the epitome of all that vile Chaos God stands for. Their bodies are hives of filth and decay, their flesh eternally rotting away even as it is renewed by the ceaseless process of death and rebirth.

    Combat Patrol is the smallest sized game, and this Death Guard force is a great way to start – regardless of whether you want to play an open play game, forge a narrative with a Crusade army, or compete in a matched play mission. If this is the beginning of your first-ever Death Guard army or you're looking at adding to an existing force, this box is ideal.

    What's in the box?

    This 243-piece plastic kit makes the following models:

    • 1x Typhus
    • 1x Biologus Putrifier
    • 7x Plague Marines
    • 30x Pox Walkers

    It is supplied with 30 25mm Citadel round bases, 7 32mm Citadel round bases, 1 40mm Citadel round base, and 1 50mm Citadel round base.

    - $119.00

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