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Lethal Risks.  Perilous Adventures.  Priceless Rewards.

Zendikar is a world of adventure, and Zendikar Rising returns to the world's roots as we invite you to gather your party, kick off a search for treasure, and make landfall on one of the wildest worlds ever to grace the multiverse.

  • Full-Art & Double-Faced Cards in Every Pack: Zendikar Rising brings a special kind of double-faced card to MTG: play the spell on one side or flip it over and play it as a land instead.
  • Introducing "Party": Assemble a party from four adventuring classes (Cleric, Rogue, Warrior, Wizard) and become stronger together with rewards for each class joining you on the battlefield.
  • Landfall & Kicker Return: Two of Magic's most popular mechanics are back! Landfall rewards you for playing land cards, and Kicker makes your spells more powerful—if you have enough mana.
    • Draft booster packs contain 15 randomly assorted cards from the set
    • Each booster pack contains (1) full-art land and (1) double-sided card
    Look for great cards like:


    Set Name: Zendikar Rising (ZNR)
    Block/Series: None
    Number of Cards: 280+
    Configuration: (15) randomly inserted cards from Zendikar Rising.

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